The Popularity Of Popsocket

I don’t know if you have encountered these problems when playing with your mobile phone:when you are lying to play with your phone or you don’t catch it, it’s really giving your face a kiss. Or you haven’t started listening to songs yet, you’ve already been tempted to the boring headphone wire.Or accidentally knocking over the cup, the coffee infiltrated into the phone, the phone was blown to the fan for a night, and found that it still has to be repaired.

custom popsocket

I found that there is an artifact that can solve the above three problems at once, it is – popsocket. Popsockets is a mobile phone grip that emits a “pop” sound. In addition to its versatility, it is also full of enthusiasm. After loading it on the phone, there is more fun when playing phone.The most important,you can use your own picture to make a custom popsocket.

Just like the phone grip function, it can only be regarded as the basic operation.

The sucker provides a lot of suction and sticks to the iPad without worrying about dropping. In addition to being a grip, can be racked in various positions, which is convenient for work. Now many apps can only be used on mobile phones. If you work halfway, you should pick up your phone.If you use popsocket you can save time and protect the cervical spine .When listening to songs,are you bored that the headphone cable is too long and wraped together easily?Popsocket can help you roll up the cable, the music experience is refreshed.

personalised popsocket
personalised popsocket

It is also easy for the little hands girls to operate the large-screen mobile phone. After using popsocket, it can be free your hands.For example,when you hold popsocket with two fingers, it do not affect you hold the cup. Even on the table, popsocket can also avoid the water leaking from the phone. If you stick the popsocket to the wall,  it can be used as a hook. Why is popsocket so useful?

Because of popsocket’s patented airbag design, you need to pull it when you need it, you can press it when you don’t need it.

It has three gears to adjust the stretch. You can adjust the gear according to the actual situation. You don’t have to worry about whether the custom popsocket is sticky or not. Thanks to the 3M nano-gel, you don’t have to worry about the phone going away. Popsocket’s nano-adhesives can be placed in a variety of positions, and the phone will not leave an offset when removed. If it is not sticky, just wash it and you can recover it. is not only arrogant, but also has a variety of colors for you to choose from. And each pattern is full of design.